Qwikster Typosquatters Lose Out As Netflix Drops Plans

Qwikster brand is already dead.

Typosquatters of Netflix’s new Qwikster brand are about to lose out.

The company announced today that it’s abandoning plans to split into two divisions with a separate Qwikster brand for DVD rental.

I hated the name Qwikster, anyway.

Typosquatters jumped on the news immediately after the new brand was announced. Consider wwwQwikster.com, which forwards to one of those phoney survey sites and shows a “movies” logo similar to the Netflix logo.

Typosquatters who sought to cash in on the new brand now have worthless domains, a far cry from the years of traffic they may have expected. But the economics of typosquatting ring true here — the owners of these typos probably already made more than their $8 registration fee.


  1. wilner says

    I doubt they made more than 50 cents each. The domains I doubt were even indexed, so no SE traffic.

    And that new brand wasn’t even marketed yet if at that.

    Highly doubt that there was even typo traffic, and the multitudes of variations of possible typo errors from a very limited amount of curious users actually bothering to type it in, instead of following a link from netflix to the actually new domain would be insignificant.

    Then couple that with whatever domain parking platform that may have payment thresholds. Granted affiliate programs payout better.

    Doesn’t add up to economic gains in my book only copyright problems…

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