Monte Cahn Calls Oversee’s Motion to Dismiss “Boilerplate”

Judge again to decide on motion to dismiss some of Cahn’s claims against his former employer.

Monte Cahn has responded (pdf) to’s Motion to Dismiss certain claims in his case against his former employer.

Cahn’s lawyers write:

“As this is Oversee’s second Motion to Dismiss, Oversee has defaulted to boilerplate, insubstantial objections to Cahn’s claims.”

The judge struck many of Cahn’s claims in’s previous motion to dismiss. says the case is simply a breach of contract case.

There’s not much new in Cahn’s response, as it mostly reiterates what he alleged in the latest amended complaint against Oversee. In addition to breach of contract, Cahn claims that committed fraud when it convinced him to join the company when it acquired Moniker. He also alleges conversion of some of his personal domain names.

For the fraud claim, the lawyers state:

“…he is suing Oversee because Defendants’ fraudulent representation caused Cahn to lose millions of dollars in lost opportunities, including alternative employment and investment opportunities with third parties.”


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    Does this domaining news site normally follow cases or is this a special circumstance? Just a little curious as the stories that have been posted in regards to this case have been a little hard to follow. is there a link which displays all of the entries that have been written so far on this lawsuit?


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