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  • I’m guessing $80,000.

    Any sex.tld domain will have cachet to it. The .co, being rather close to .com, makes it somewhat of an accessory domain, as opposed to the keyword in just a random extension.

    The highest reported .co sale so far is for the same amount ($80,000), which excludes the sales of and I consider those to be exceptions, as their premium comes from their length, not necessarily from the keyword.

    10,000 viewers a month isn’t a heap, but it isn’t nothing at the same time. In the right hands this domain could do quite well, but I would be honestly shocked if it went into $xxx,xxx territory.

  • How do you know that is up for sale? I don’t see a list of domains on the traffic website.

  • is worth $250000.

  • If was sold in 13 millions, should be valued between 500K and 1 Million

  • Well, maybe half a year ago might have entered $xxx,xxx territory. But its kind of been revealed how sensationalistic .co’s launch was.

    The market has matured, and in my opinion, caused .co domains to be worth less, since they’re understood to be what they are, a typo of .com. It will never be largely regarded as Columbia’s TLD. The same way that everybody thinks that .tv is an extension for video, but nobody would ever guess it was the TLD for Tuvalu. Most people I’ve told that to have never even HEARD of Tuvalu.

    In reality, has done nothing but stay parked. There’s no destination site, which makes worth less.

    If it were an established site, like bangbros, let’s say, the typo traffic would be worth way more, since people are looking for something specific.

    The reason why I see as a good investment is because someone is bound to do something with sooner or later (since it wasn’t exactly cheap), therefore causing the destination to be created, and making the typo traffic worth more money.

    And I would generally consider the name to be immune to UDRP, given how generic the name is.

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