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    1. BY - Sep 27, 2011
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    Yes, owns

    Amazon is rumored to be launching the Kindle Fire tablet and eReader on Wednesday. But a lot of people have asked, “what about the domain name?”

    After all, the company owns a lot of other nature Kindle domains, such as

    Domain Name Wire has confirmed with the previous owner of the domain name that he sold it to

    The New York resident who sold the domain name didn’t divulge any details, but the domain name went under whois privacy in early 2010. It remains that way today.

    I’m not surprised that Amazon owns it. It has proven itself savvy about buying domain names and typos ahead of product launches.

    Alas, it looks like someone just registered yesterday at Go Daddy.

  • I wonder how much they paid for it. Also, looks like Barnes and Noble is coming out with more tablets end of year so might be a run on those domains too.

  • These tablets connect to endless content from the cloud it’s where the money is. Exciting like naming telephone, airplane, PC …. These releases are just as significant and names worth every cent

  • Good digging Andrew. I tried to get a hold of him yesterday with no luck.

    Now we will have to wait and see if he was pulling your leg :)

  • I think it is great to own a domain describing your product, it makes it easier for customers to find the product.

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