Does Rugby Deserve

Is it fair to give this domain name to a Rugby organization despite its use?

[Update: Rugby lost the cast for the reasons I suggested here.] Rugby World Cup Limited has filed a complaint with World Intellectual Property Organization to get the domain name

Of course there are a lot of “World Cup” tournaments going on this year. There was the FIFA Women’s World Cup, ICC Cricket World Cup, and even the Federation of International Touch World Cup (whatever that is).

So should Rugby get the domain name?

There’s a good reason that Rugby World Cup Limited wants this domain name. The site is clearly focused on selling tickets to the 2011 Rugby World Cup in New Zealand.

Still, it doesn’t seem like UDRP is the appropriate venue for the group to capture this domain name.

It’s also not the smart way to go about it. By the time a decision is handed down in the case the World Cup will likely already be over. It runs from now through October 23.


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    I believe that they are targeting this domain name just because owners has done really great job to develop this domain names and they are getting good amount of traffic.

    And this would be really unfair to take away this domain name as Rugby association can’t own this wide trademark

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