A Kindle Wave? Amazon Registers Domain Name.

Kindle adds KindleWave.com to its stable of domain names.

Amazon recently registered the domain name KindleScribe.com, sparking speculation that it could be the name of a future Amazon Kindle device.

But there’s another domain name Amazon picked up at the same time: KindleWave.com.

Could Amazon release a Kindle Wave?

To be fair, both the Kindle Scribe domain names and Kindle Wave domain names could be merely defensive registrations by the company. KindleScribe.com and KindleWave.com recently expired and Amazon picked them up after they were deleted. KindleScribe.com was registered to a Los Angeles company; KindleWave.com was registered by a Tennessee company.

Still, in this gadget and tablet crazed world, this certainly fuels speculation.

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