DOMAINfest Sets Dates for 2012 Show

The big show returns, but I bet the final party will have a new location.

Mark your calendars, folks.

Next year’s DOMAINfest Global conference will take place January 31 to February 2. The event will again take place at the Fairmont Miramar Hotel in Santa Monica, California.

Registration begins in September for a discounted rate of $995. Rates jump October 1.

If you think you might go, I recommend reserving a hotel room soon as they always sell out early.

DOMAINfest Global’s main show in California is usually the most highly attended domain investor conference with around 700 attendees.

If there’s one thing I’ll place a bet on for this conference, I can pretty much guarantee you it won’t return to the Playboy Mansion this year. I don’t think Hef will invite us back.

Update: I missed this on the DOMAINfest agenda page: “After three years of Farewell Parties at the Playboy Mansion, DomainSponsor has decided to change things up a bit and host this event at a new, exciting, world-famous venue right in the heart of Hollywood. Don’t worry, there will be plenty of high-energy, fun entertainment. And it will once again include a fundraising effort for a good cause. We hope to announce details on this highly anticipated party very soon.”


  1. S.W. says

    Larry’s mansion is probably not open for events like Hef’s, but he does have a Hustler Casino that’s not too far away.

    Can’t remember a Domainfest without the full Monte, considering all that’s happened in the past year, it would be interesting to see the reaction of those who are overseeing the event.

  2. John Berryhill says

    “a fundraising effort for a good cause”

    I just hope it’s not that “don’t vaccinate your kids” stuff again.

  3. Meyer says

    I wonder if Oversee (the parent company underwriting this domain meeting) will be the same size next year as it is today? Surely they are smaller than they were 2-3 yrs ago. (revenue, employees, etc.)

    In the past, Oversee had deep pockets to subsidize the past Domainfest meetings.

    I wonder if there will be a Domainfest in 2013?

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