Nintendo 1-Ups for Popular Web Site

Nintendo wants to lay claim to high traffic web site.

Nintendo marioDecades after bringing the iconic video game character Mario and the Super Mario series to millions of gamers, Nintendo has decided it wants the domain name

The company just filed a complaint with World Intellectual Property Forum to get the domain name.

Nintendo may be concerned about the content of the site, which is a collection of online Super Mario games. The site gets a whopping 200,000 visits a month according to Compete.

But the timing is curious given that the content of the site has remained unchanged for over a year.

Of course, Nintendo continues to release Mario games and plans to release Super Mario 3D Land on its new 3DS system later this year.

Even if the company wins the case for, it already has a typosquatter to contend with: (without the dot after www) is already registered and parked.


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    I was just browsing the WIPO UDRP domain cases and definitely stood out. Apparently the person who registered the domain name also thought it was clever to host a few of the games as well. I wonder if Nintendo will eventually sue the individual all together.

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