Apple Goes After High Traffic iTunes Typo Domain Names

Apple asks arbitration panel to give it typo domain names.

Apple has filed a dispute with World Intellectual Property Forum over two high traffic typos of

The complaint covers and, both of which take advantage fat fingered web surfers who still insist on typing “www” before domain names. shows that gets thousands of unique typo visitors a month.

Although the domains get traffic, Apple customers can’t do much at itself. It’s basically a site to download the iTunes software, which is then used to access the store.

The domain names are both owned by Alaskan company Grand Slam Co according to whois records. The domains don’t resolve now but have forwarded to an online sportsbook in the past.

This is the fifth case Apple has filed with World Intellectual Property Forum this year. It has won all of the cases, most recently for


  1. Locking C-Clamp Pliers says

    What’s interesting is that has been registered since 06-Jul-2003 , way before Apple’s itunes was released.

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