ICANN Video Explains New TLDs to the Masses

New top level domain names in just six minutes.

Last week ICANN published a video explaining what new top level domain names are and what they mean to companies and businesses that might want to apply for one.

I think it does a good job of describing what new top level domains are and explains some of the challenges applicants face — including steep fees and a long wait. Of course there are many more challenges than what you can explain in a short video, but I think this is a good initiator.

What do you think?


  1. Philip says

    Trouble is the brand we just like to be associated with the top brand SO the new tld is owned by a speculator, your always going to be second hand level because you did not get the first level .com.
    I do not have the com I wish I did .

  2. M says

    Not bad, but what about .$$$$$forICANN, .WORTHLESS, .CONFUSION, and .ONLYpurchasedDEFENSIVELY ?

    ICANN should definitely save those for themselves.

  3. says

    i think out of the desert of never interacting with the real internet world, this is a giant and needed step, kudos. Nice plug for consultants too…, again overall very well done, and balanced.

    but i did get a jurassic park feeling and was waiting for a little mosquito to warp into a dinosaur

    page howe

  4. Domainer B2B says

    Should be subtitled “Domains for retards”. Why didn’t she tell the truth and explain that everyone who invests in the nw gTLDS will probably lose their cybershirts? Why did she forget to mention that, in 2000, ICANN had already conducted a study of the areas most in need of new extensions and, in response, introduced: .AERO,. TRAVEL, .MUSEUM, .COOP, .CAT, & .JOBS. In 2005, they added .MOBI and .BIZ.

    Yeah, we all know how each of those TLD horror stories ended. What makes anyone think that in 2014 things will be different. To the contrary .COM will have solidified in the public’s mind still further.

    Can we talk about .CAT for a second? I’ll bet most of you didn’t even know it was one of the 22 currently existing TLD’s the lady in the video mentioned. Don’t believe me? Go ahead and Google it. I’ll wait.

    Ok, welcome back. So, not that you believe it has already existed for several years, why doesn’t every cat lover in the world own one? Um…do ya really think that .PET or .DOG or .FISH will do any better? C’mon.

    Bottom line: people like .COM. It represents the internet. It means credibility. It stands for trust, for pioneerism, for authenticity. All (and I mean ALL) of the Fortune 500 have .COM domains. No exceptions. None. Zip. Nada.
    That ain’t gonna change, my friends.

    Stick with .COM and don’t let those registrations lapse. Your grandchildren will be very appreciative that you listened to me.

  5. FarmerJohn says

    “You could offer specialized security services…”

    and she points to .private

    Why would you need or even want a gTLD in order to do this?

    To corner the global gold market I need only to run the .gold registry – WOW!!! Thank you ICANN video spokeswoman!!!

  6. Windy City says

    With the abundance of affordable names for the enduser that they could not afford in the sphere of .com and the techno-evolution of products that accomodate them coupled with today’s demographic that fail to see the importance of the once “first kid on the block”, I would assume that, much to Domainer B2B’s consternation perhaps, that the .com extension, while not on life support, appears to be in a state of atrophy.

    People today are more familiar and comfortable with a variety of extensions than they were in the 20th century.

    Kinda like saying how can television take over when radio was the king for so many years before its advent? Everything has its shelf life, and .com seems to be overpriced and is hastening theirs. Time marches on…

  7. tonecas says

    .mobi for ruling the mobile world, not…
    .tv for ruling the tv world, not…
    .ws for websites, not…

    fast forward to 2012 and put your flashy and very cheap new TLD and see history repeat hitself


  8. Windy City says

    I have no qualm with .com whatsoever as it has weathered many a storm, but it IS weakening by the proliferation and availability of great domain names that is cost effective for the enduser and the new general population of this century will have no problem accepting.

    There appear to be some .com investors and/or purists that seem to think the extension is like a perpetual motion machine, not realizing that the tide is turning and the 21st century has produced a generation of users and endusers familiar with the existence of other extensions and quite comfortable with that fact as it is spreading globally.

    This expansion of extensions will be fine for those that see the benefits of buying a domain name to the left of the dot that was prohibitive to their budget in the .com for their enterprise. They will get the name they desire and no longer concern themselves with the .com, which will more than likely perform much like a rusted old car in a parking lot(sedo, perhaps).

    I stated that .com appears to be in a state of atrophy and domainers tripped that wire by holding out for the highest price leaving the endusers to look at other alternatives. It seems to be working and the quantum leap with this latest addition of extensions is just another salvo fired against the old ironsides of cyberspace.

    My best to dot com as I am a domainer myself as well, but I diversify my names to a comfortable level of different extensions(.com included of course) realizing that putting all your eggs in one basket can be a risky venture at times…especially these times.

  9. tonecas says

    @ Windy City – do you know of any gTLD or gTLD like extensions (like ccTLDs .tv, .ws or .cm) that have shown any success over time besides .com (plus .net and .org)?

    .ws story (http://ezinearticles.com/?What-Is-A-WS-Domain-Extension?&id=905523)

    Moving forward to November of 2000, Global Domains International had sold over 100,000 .ws domains to the customers in over 180 countries. Big names like Yahoo!, Cisco, Dell Computers and Intel are customers as well as many top fortune 500 companies that are buying up the .ws extension daily”

    anyone sees the trend?…

  10. Windy City says


    …the reason for my post was not to so much chasllenge the quantity of names in an extension such as .com and its sibling(.org, .net, etc) as much as the quality available for endusers(not domainers) to be able to afford a name at the left of the dot(which is in the final analysis the important aspect of businesses that market their existence) that meet with the endusers needs.

    Yes, if this is a p*ssing contest, .com, by virtue of its monolithic stature over the years, will confound those with its sheer numbers(even though so very many of them are parked).

    But looking at endusers utilizing other extensions, (.me, .tv, .cc, etc) there is a healthy amount of happy business people that are using the cost-effective alternative.

    In the end, I think that this is the way that the 21st century will accomodate and create a friendly environment for those looking to market their wares and/or services and enable them to make a profit.

    In fact, that is exactly what is occuring…

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