Go Daddy Sued for Sending Domain Renewal Notices

Does sending renewal reminders violate patents?

This isn’t meant to be a shock headline. It’s true.

WhitServe LLC has filed a patent infringement lawsuit (pdf) against GoDaddy.com based on the renewal notices it sends to customers. WhitServe says the method by which Go Daddy sends these notices and allows customers to renew their expiring domain names violates two of its patents:

-US Patent 5,895,468 for System Automating Delivery Of Professional Services

-US Patent 6,182,078 for System For Delivering Professional Services Over The Internet

WhitServe has sued numerous other companies over the same patents.

While Go Daddy itself has filed a number of patents that may seem a bit questionable, I’m not aware of any time it has tried to enforce them — except against a company that had sued it over other patents.

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  1. says

    Someone should be suing Domain Registry Of Canada. They send out mail to other registrar customers with renewal prices high as $50-60. I got 5 mail from them so far.

  2. Larry says

    Bob Parson seems like the type of person who will fight this no matter how nominal the licensing fee being requested is. The fact that other large companies have licensed the patents doesn’t mean much as they might have just weighed the cost vs. legal fees. etc.

    As far as droc/droa they have been cited as follows:


  3. John UK says

    I have just managed to Patent “Breathing Oxygen using an organ contained in my body” . Please everyone,refrain from ……erm breathing.

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