Will Microsoft App Your Web Site?

Company registers intriguing domain names.

Is Microsoft working on a way to quickly turn your web site into an app?

On June 1 the company registered the domain name AppYourSites.com, along with at least 6 other top level domain names of the same name.

After a bit of searching (on Google, but also Bing to be fair to Microsoft) I can’t find any information about what Microsoft plans to do with this domain name.

However, there’s an existing company at AppYourSite.com (singular) that helps companies quickly create apps for mobile usage.

My educated guess is Microsoft is working on a solution to let you quickly create an app (be it for Windows Phone or perhaps Apple iOS and Android) from your existing web site.

This is an important market as a lot of mobile users are shifting from web usage to opening up their favorite apps on mobile devices. Companies I know of that have created apps based on their web sites report very long user engagement times from the app compared to the web site.


  1. DR.VEGAS says

    I immediately thought APPOMATIC.COM would be an excellent brand name for such a service.Someone beat me to that concept by about three years.;-)

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