Ballot Stuffing Ahead: Google Introduces +1 Button

New button lets site visitors vote for content.

Google has introduced a +1 Button (plus one button) that web publishers can add to their web sites.

It’s an extension of the search giant’s +1 feature for search results that let’s people vote for search results and share that with their connections.

As Google points out, the +1 button solves a big problem with the original underlying idea: why would you vote for a search result before you actually visit the site content?

Still, it’s only a matter of time before this gets gamed in a big way.

For a long time there’s been a theory that if your search results get clicked more they’ll move up in the rankings. It also helps if people don’t immediately bounce back from your site. People have tried to game this.

Now with +1 buttons a whole new game will be created to try to trick Google into thinking legitimate users are clicking on the button when they really aren’t. Hopefully Google’s algorithms are smart enough to snuff it out.


  1. says

    I logged into my Adsense and there is a button to add the +1 code to my site but the link doesn’t work.

    So, I will add code to my site and see how it works.

    Maybe the +1 button will be on the sites and not in the search results?

  2. says

    @ Rob Sequin it could what your using to browse the internet with. I’ve noticed that internet explorer dosen’t always display it, especially if your using explorer 8. I tried Google Chrome and it displays fine.

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