Lawsuit Alleges Reverse Domain Name Hijacking of

Man files lawsuit after losing UDRP.

The same attorney who successfully defended the owner of has filed a reverse domain name hijacking lawsuit on behalf of the owner of

Marc Lurie lost a case over brought against him by AirFX, LLC in a National Arbitration Forum proceeding. Together with attorney Marc J. Randazza, he is now suing AirFX, LLC (pdf) for reverse domain name hijacking in U.S. District Court for the District of Arizona.

Lurie says he registered the domain name along with several other potential brands when working on a new line of indoor skydiving facilities.

The suit claims:

Now, a business entity from another state, selling a completely unrelated product (i.e., motorcycle parts), has decided that it covets the domain name. Undeterred by the fact that it has no legitimate claim to the domain name, Defendant has attempted to invent one – falsely asserting to a domain name dispute arbitration panel that Lurie has acted with some nefarious purpose. Unfortunately, under the relaxed evidentiary standards for those proceedings, Defendant succeeded in falsely painting Lurie as a serial cybersquatter, and in falsely asserting superior rights to the domain name, without a shred of any kind of proof to support its claims.

Lurie is asking for injunctive relief to prevent the domain name from being transferred as a result of the UDRP decision. He is not asking for damages or attorneys fees.


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