Apple Sues Owner of, Then Dismisses Case

Seller of white iPhones sued.

Apple has sued the owner of (as well as the domain name itself), but then filed to dismiss the case on the same day (pdf).

However, the dismissal is “without prejudice”, meaning it can be refiled. It’s possible Apple was already in settlement talks with the owner or is refiling the case elsewhere.

Apple alleges the owner used the site to sell conversion kits to make the traditionally black iPhone white.

The full conversion kit including front and back panels sold for a whopping $279, which means customers were certainly concerned with their status. (Apple plans to sell white iPhones in the future.)

According to Apple, the domain owner knew he was selling a product emblazoned with the Apple logo but not authorized by Apple.

He stopped using the domain name last Fall when Apple contacted him. The domain is now a parked page.

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