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  • I agree it’s different from the usual registrations that follow natural disasters, since this event has been given a joyful connotation by all the people celebrating the day in the streets. Nonetheless, I wouldn’t buy any of these domains for registration fee, let alone aftermarket prices.

  • This is called chasing yesterday’s news. The time to buy these type domains was in 2001 and only a small handful have any real value.

  • “then trying to sell them on eBay.”

    The key word is “trying.” Why would anyone want an Osama bin Laden domain? Looking to start and Al-Qaeda franchise?

    How can anyone find a good domain name on Ebay when you have to sift through all the garbage domain names that people are asking thousands of dollars for?

  • @Bo – Domain Auction Cleaner attempts to filter out the junk:

  • I bought a few of the domain names as soon as I heard he was killed. I don’t think it’s far fetched to think that the place where he was killed could become a big part of the bin laden story, which I’m sure, books and movies will be made about. I bought:


    It wasn’t too expensive so the risk to reward is small. Who knows, maybe someone will make a video game or movie !!!

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