Did Fiverr.com Just Upgrade Its Domain Name to Fiver.com for $70k?

Domain broker sells Fiver.com for $70,000.

Fiverr.com — a site where people offer to do a bunch of different things for $5 each — may have just upgraded its domain name for 14,000 $5 bills.

The popular site has a cool idea but a bad domain name, Fiverr.com with two ‘r’s. But someone just bought Fiver.com with one ‘r’ through domain broker Sedo for $70,000.

The new owner’s information is protected by whois proxy and the domain name is just pulling up a Go Daddy landing page when you visit, so I can’t confirm that Fiverr.com bought the domain name. But who else would? A bold competitor?

Here are some other top sales at Sedo over the past week.

instyler.com 50000 EUR
b3.com 25500 USD
goutattack.com 15500 USD
takeon.com 10000 USD
enfore.com 10000 EUR
jl-i.com 10000 USD
lifecity.com 8500 USD
freewebstore.com 7500 USD
kidar.com 6500 USD
cash-back.com 6500 EUR
somit.com 6050 USD
instigate.com 6000 USD
safeonlinecasino.com 5500 USD
mobileimpact.com 5010 USD

carinsurance.tv 8000 GBP
einfachanders.de 7500 EUR
mobilewebsites.co.uk 5500 GBP
sportsmemorabilia.co.uk 4477 USD
tower.me 3500 USD

makemetaller.info 12500 USD
carpet.info 8500 EUR
kansascity.net 6600 USD
chatten.eu 3990 EUR
buysoma.net 3500 USD
men.info 3300 EUR


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