6 Reasons You’re Not Making More with Domain Names

Here are six reasons you may be missing out on more domain name earnings.

1. You refuse to price your domain names

Some people don’t need to price their domain names. They just sit around waiting for high dollar offers, then ask for more money. But odds are you aren’t one of those people. Someone isn’t going to offer you $50,000 or more for one of your domains.

So you should price them. The typical small to medium sized business doesn’t want to negotiate over domain prices. They don’t want to “make an offer”.

Price your domains. It won’t kill you, and you’ll end up getting more sales.

2. You don’t list your domain on multiple exchanges

The old excuse I heard for not listing your domains on both Sedo and Afternic was that Afternic charged $20 a year. Now it’s free, so quit making excuses.

Sedo is great for selling some types of domains and Afternic is great with others. List your domains on both and get more exposure.

3. You’re too lazy to change your nameservers

It amazes me how many people aren’t willing to test new monetization platforms. It’s like logging into their registrar and changing their nameservers is too much work to see if you can earn more money.

4. You view anything less than your peak as insufficient.

A lot of people I talk to have seen parking earnings drop 50% or more. When presented with a solution to increase their earnings 10-20%, they scoff. “I’ll still be below where I was in 2007″.

Yeah, but you’ll be better off than you are today.

5. You keep waiting for the next turnkey solution.

We all like packaged solutions. We want someone to say “do this and then here’s what will happen.”

But if you want to stay ahead of the curve you can’t wait for someone else to offer you an opportunity on a silver platter.

It’s like information products that promise you a way to make money. The person selling it to you is willing to sell it because he can make more money selling the product than he can doing it himself.

Stop waiting for a turnkey solution and find it yourself.

6. You’re impatient.

How much time is enough to test a new way to monetize or sell your domains?

I frequently see people who test domains with another parking company for a couple days and then jump ship. That’s not enough time. Some solutions, such as Octane360, require months and months to see the fruits of your labor. So does development.

The impatient miss big opportunities.


  1. Mark says

    Just thought, I should use Briefly to add all the brokers and then set the consolidation page via simple frame code instead of parking with Sedo. There we go.

  2. says

    Great advice all around.

    Unless you were an early investor with a ridiculous generic .COM portfolio, middle tier domainers will do far better with asking prices.


  3. says

    Google Question -> Is anyone here using Google Adsense For Domains. And if you are, are you able to view what each domain is earning per day.

    I am having trouble viewing this list. I cannot find it. I receive info as to how many clicks and total revenue earned, but can’t see the list of individual domains and their per day performance.

  4. says

    [Quote]”But if you want to stay ahead of the curve you can’t wait for someone else to offer you an opportunity on a silver platter.[/quote]

    Couldn’t have said it better.

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