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  • Bob Parsons Updates Elephant Shooting Video

    1. BY - Apr 04, 2011
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    Edits shine more positive light on Bob Parsons hunting trip.

    Bob Parsons has defended himself in several interviews since he posted a video of him shooting an elephant in Zimbabwe.

    But he made a tacit admission that his video could have been less offensive by editing it.

    The new video loses the AC/DC soundtrack, omits the pictures of Parsons standing next to the dead elephant holding his gun, omits a picture of a bunch of villagers surrounding him with Go Daddy hats, changes subtitles to emphasize their target was a bull elephant, changes subtitles to no longer reflect that Parsons was the one who did the shooting, and shows added video of happy villagers butchering the elephant.

    So even if Parsons thinks he was in the right, he decided that he could paint a more positive image by changing up the video.

    Parsons shot an elephant last year, but no one seemed to notice. Here’s the video of last year’s hunt.


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