Bob Parsons Updates Elephant Shooting Video

Edits shine more positive light on Bob Parsons hunting trip.

Bob Parsons has defended himself in several interviews since he posted a video of him shooting an elephant in Zimbabwe.

But he made a tacit admission that his video could have been less offensive by editing it.

The new video loses the AC/DC soundtrack, omits the pictures of Parsons standing next to the dead elephant holding his gun, omits a picture of a bunch of villagers surrounding him with Go Daddy hats, changes subtitles to emphasize their target was a bull elephant, changes subtitles to no longer reflect that Parsons was the one who did the shooting, and shows added video of happy villagers butchering the elephant.

So even if Parsons thinks he was in the right, he decided that he could paint a more positive image by changing up the video.

Parsons shot an elephant last year, but no one seemed to notice. Here’s the video of last year’s hunt.


  1. Steve M says

    There are no bad elephants.

    Just bad people.

    Especially those like Bob who kill them for sport.

    And most especially those like Bob who then try to mischaracterize an immoral crime into a “favor” for humans.


  2. Gordon says

    Is anyone who kills an elephant a terrible person? Or just someone who gets a kick out of it and puts it to a bad soundtrack?

    Is the problem the act or the context?

    What if a local villager shot the same exact elephant at the same exact time – with the same exact result (same dead elephant, same villagers fed) – would any of you truly care at all? Or is this a crime of insensitivity?

    I’m not a fan of the result or Bob Parsons, but the debate is fascinating to me.

    • says

      @ Gordon – that’s the debate for a lot of people.

      A lot of people will also say Parsons could have done a lot more good with the money he spent on his trip. This is also true, but he donates millions for other causes each year. The bottom line is his trip to Zimbabwe wasn’t completely selfless — he wanted to do some big game hunting, and helping out other people at the same time was a bonus. (Although many will debate if he was helping.)

  3. says

    @Gordon – “Or is this a crime of insensitivity?”

    Yes, I think that is the core issue with most people. Something with serious (and sad) overtones was mocked and turned into a marketing spectacle for publicity.

  4. Don says


    I would never suggest anything not even if I thought that person or group where a bunch of Blattodea(s)

  5. Michael says

    I love how the elephants trampling the field is a problem but not those 8 million people and jeeps. They certainly didn’t damage the fields at all I’m sure. Maybe Bob should have shot all of them too.

  6. Huw says

    HOLD ON! This maybe a case of intelligence crime!

    In which case Mr Parsons may not be coherent enough to account for his actions..

    The fact is – either this man is opportunistic and forward thinking “regarding publicity” (a genius no less) Or, he has a limited quantity of brain cells..

    Either way, this exercise looks to be turning out against him..

    Intelligence Crime – Guilty or NOT ??

  7. Huw says


    Probably on his dinning room wall along with other trophies he’s amalgamated over the years.. Elephants, cats, dogs, pygmies and the odd moose..

    He’s also probably got some stuffed badgers and maybe a beaver.. which sits next to a perfect taxidermy of his mothers poodle.. blah.. :)

  8. says

    David, the internet never forgets. RIP godaddy. Their service is subpar anyways. There’s no reason to keep a domain with them considering they jack up their prices and provide a UI designed by 15-year-olds.

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