Original CamRoulette.com Owner Tells His Story of Ups, Downs, and Up

Guy who originally registered CamRoulette.com tells his whole story.

Craig Snyder (no affiliation with Oversee.net Craig Snyder) went through the wringer last year.

He registered the domain name CamRoulette.com, which is similar to the (then) popular ChatRoulette.com.

He sold it to Adam Strong for $1,200, only to see Strong flip the domain for $151,000.

Snyder certainly had domain sales regret.

But then it got worse. Someone else claimed to have agreed to buy the domain from Snyder for $700 and was mad to see the domain name flipped for so much. That person also confused Snyder with another Craig Snyder who appeared to have some money in the bank. So he sued Snyder.

Snyder describes himself as a small town guy. He’s never even flown on a plane. He has very little money.

As he describes in a detailed post today about the entire situation, he was truly overwhelmed.

The first two lawyers he talked to weren’t very helpful. (In his mind they weren’t very accurate, either).

And then he found someone who he says he nearly has a man-crush on. That person helped him get from the idea of filing for bankruptcy to a tenable settlement.

It’s a long post, but very much worth the read. If there’s one thing about this guy, he tends to write down his feelings and then delete them later. So I recommend reading the post now…just in case he changes his mind.


  1. says

    The kid should know better than to accept money on a sale, and then refund money, only to sell to another.

    Maybe next time he will learn to think more clearly before acting. He’s lucky to have resolved the matter. There’s no way he can pay the $150,300 in his current situation. The court ruling would have been on his file for at least 7 years.

    Why even bother to visit his blog. He deleted his post, which is a strange process. In any case, he probably realized his mistake to make better decisions in the future.

  2. Harry says

    If there’s one thing about this guy, he tends to write down his feelings and then delete them later.

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    • says

      Damn. Google didn’t cache it, either.

      So let me give a brief summary…

      1. First he went through the basics of what happened. I summarized those already.

      2. He talked about how people were mostly against him on forums and such. He also called out some blogs, called TheDomains “the TMZ” of the domain industry, said he didn’t care much for George Kirikos (my summary is gentler than his).

      3. The first (small town) lawyer he talked to said he’d need to travel to NYC to defend himself, and he’d never even been on a plane.

      4. Then he got referred to a NYC lawyer who suggested he might need to file for bankruptcy to get out of this, and charged him a lot for the consultation.

      5. Finally John Berryhill responded to him on DNForum, and they started talking. Berryhill represented him, told him it was all going to be OK, and ultimately it was.

      That’s about what I have from memory. Next time I suppose I should take a screenshot. I guess I figured that after he asked for a post on DNForum to be deleted (and it was) that he’d think more before he wrote in the future.

  3. Meyer says

    I agree. JB is an outstanding individual.
    Sharp, well educated, personable and

    He has helped so many people without any
    required payment for his time and knowledge.

    However, this former domain owner needs to
    resolve his man crush on JB.
    He is not available.
    Everyone knows he is the pope.
    And, even the pope has to piss into the
    wind sometimes.
    (There are photos out there.) :)

    JB, the industry appreciates you.
    (And, I’m sure Frank, Day and others do too)

  4. Steve M says

    Thanks for the link Acro.

    Nice of JB to help him, too.

    Adam did nothing wrong. Welcome to America, land of opportunity.

  5. says

    In the end its just business, sometimes good decisions are made and sometimes poor ones are made. The goal is to learn from whatever happens and to continue to not only grow as a domainer but as a person. :)

  6. says

    One of the best read. We all make mistakes, and the greedy person should not ruin his life or cause him this much stress as he did.

    Karma will catch you SOON Greedy Dog!

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