iPad2.com Is Registered. So Is iPad25.com.

Just about every future iPad#.com domain is taken.

iPad 2The year is 2036.

The media is buzzing as Apple’s latest CEO introduces the iPad 25. The wafer thin, flexible screen holographic device wows the crowd.

Somewhere, an interested consumer types iPad25.com into his browser bar. But Apple doesn’t own it. (Although it owns iPad25.apple).

I was looking for Ipad 2 information today only to find that, just like iPad.com, Apple doesn’t own iPad2.com. Many people have snapped up iPad#.com domain names. I looked up the status of Ipad2.com through iPad25.com before getting tired. All but two are registered (although many are expired and going through the deletion process).

iPad2.com – Panama company. Frames MacRumors.com

iPad3.com – uses domain privacy. Blank page with link to contact owner with “domain inquiries”.

iPad4.com – Nevada company. Parked at Sedo.

iPad5.com – Registrar whois not working. Does not resolve.

iPad6.com – Saudi Arabia man. Parked at Sedo.

iPad7.com – uses domain privacy. Parked at Sedo.

iPad8.com – uses domain privacy. Parked at Sedo.

iPad9.com – someone in China. Does not resolve.

iPad10.com – uses domain privacy. Parked at Sedo.

iPad11.com – someone in Istanbul. Does not resolve.

iPad12.com – Italy man. Parked at Sedo. For sale for EUR 4,999.

iPad13.com – Expired domain at Dotster. Resolves to Dotster holding page.

iPad14.com – not registered

iPad15.com – Expired domain at Doster. Resolves to Dotster holding page.

iPad16.com – Expired domain at Go Daddy. Resolves to Go Daddy holding page.

iPad17.com – Expired domain at Go Daddy. Resolves to Go Daddy holding page.

iPad18.com – Expired domain at XIN NET. Does not resolve.

iPad19.com – not registered.

iPad20.com – Expired domain at Name.com. Resolves to expired holding page.

iPad21.com – Registered to Georgia company. Resolves to Go Daddy coming soon page.

iPad22.com – available

iPad23.com – Registered to Texas man. Resolves to Go Daddy coming soon page.

iPad24.com – Registered to German company. Resolves to holding page. For sale for 10,000 EUR.

iPad25.com – Registered to Netherlands company. Parked at Sedo.


  1. says

    When you’re talking about the 3rd or 4th generation iPad, the domain name(s) is relevant; but, beyond that, it simply becomes a game of bragging rights for someone to tell their buddies that “[I] own IPAD18.com”.

    Regardless, the principle of hand registering (generic) future tech names is one that I firmly believe in.

    BTW, your example of the holographic iPad will actually manifest itself by version 5 or 6, not version 25. Check out these articles if you don’t believe that:





  2. Some Guy says

    I don’t think Apple will bother with a UDRP on anything except maybe iPad.com, the rest of those domains are worthless and only costing the registrants money. It’s behavior like this that will lead to rapid domain name suspension policies. Thanks stupid cybersquatters.

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