Google Adsense For Domains Now Makes Parking Easier

Company changes parking procedures for Adsense for Domains.

Ever since Google released its direct-to-publisher Google Adsense for Domains program, one of the big complaints has been how difficult it is to point your domains to Google’s parking servers. You had to make a change to your A records and create CNAME records. Compare this to the typical parking service that lets you just change your name servers or forward the domain.

Google has responded to the feedback. Now you can just point your domains to to park them. (Google picked up the domain name back in October.)

Note that this change has no affect on Google’s direct domain parking partners, such as Sedo and DomainSponsor.


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    This is good news. The CNAME setting was an aggravation, and I had thought months ago why they didn’t just provide a simple nameserver switch like the parking companies.

    Thanks for posting this.

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    About time!! They definitely need to optimize improve their layout as well. If G puts their will to it, they would prolly whoop most of the other domain parking sites out there

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