Michael Berkens Sells MyRecovery.com for $40k with Help of Afternic

MyRecovery.com trades hands, buyer has big plans.

The top reported sale coming out of Afternic this week is for MyRecovery.com at a healthy $40,000. The seller? Worldwide Media, Inc, run by blogger and domainer Michael Berkens.

The buyer has already uploaded a placeholder in anticipation of his 2011 launch of the site. It reads:

Inside myRecovery you will find comprehensive on-line programs, services, and solutions to alcoholism and drug dependency based on the spiritual principals of the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Congrats to Michael on the sale and Afternic for brokering the deal.

Here are some other notable sales from Afternic this week. Note that Afternic only releases a portion of its weekly sales data.


godata.com $17,600.00
blueteam.com $8,250.00
becode.com $7,500.00
billycox.com $6,160.00
fome.com $6,112.00
tefa.com $5,993.00
seemless.com $5,800.00
patriotbank.com $5,520.00
acidtest.com $4,982.00
learnalot.com $4,500.00
business-bankruptcy.com $4,450.00
winchip.com $4,400.00
aspireglobal.com $4,288.00
airplayer.com $4,188.00
ecodata.com $4,000.00
picquet.com $4,000.00


ipnetwork.net $4,988.00
DriverUpdate.net $3,999.00
hyperwave.net $3,388.00
adultdatingsites.net $3,100.00
critic.org $3,000.00


  1. says

    Great name, great cause and a great sale to an end user. Looks like it will be put to work helping people improve their lives. Nice! Congrat’s to Mr. Berkens!

  2. Gazzip says

    Very nice domain/sale indeed, MyRecovery.com is a cracker and much more personal, you should sign up Halvarez :)

    Congrats to MR B

    ps)I wonder if they tried to buy Recovery.com off RL or not ?

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