Rupert Murdoch Buys and Domain Names

Domain name purchases come in advance of new make-for-tablet newspaper.

Earlier today news hit the web that News Corp founder Rupert Murdoch is working on a new iNewspaper called “The Daily”. The Daily will be designed for tablets such as the iPad.

This caught one Domain Name Wire reader off guard, as he recalls previously visiting from ASSIST Information Services. As it turns out, ASSIST sold the domain name to Murdoch’s company a while back (it looks like this happened last year) and changed its web address to

More recently, Murdoch bought from BuyDomains in August of this year.

Both and are listed as owned by DNStinations, a stealth domain name acquisition company, but show as their nameservers.


  1. says

    Any word on the amount for the domain purchases?

    There’s a guest post on eliott silver’s blog talking about how hyphenated name are undervalued.

    Perhaps Murdoch read it and snapped it up!

  2. says

    The “i” domains are becoming more popular, as recently sold this past week for $6500.My “i” themed domains are in the resume industry.

    Interesting purchase for the Those domains are like a grain of sand to Murdoch. I’m sure the previous owner made a nice profit.

  3. Name: Mark says

    It’s a fantastic concept, and I have a feeling that with Steve working on it with Rupert, it won’t TOTALLY suck. Then again, that also gives it the chance to be the most ridiculous propaganda newspaper since WWII.

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