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    1. BY - Nov 18, 2010
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    Interesting changes to domain name.

    It looks like Nokia may have just sold the domain name, but some of the changes to the domain name don’t quite add up.

    Nokia got the domain name when it acquired Intellisync Corporation in 2005. It then forwarded the domain name to a landing page saying that Intellisync was now part of Nokia.

    On November 17 the whois record for changed to DNStination Inc. DNStination is part of Mark Monitor, and is typically used by large companies when they stealth acquire domain names. For example, Facebook recently used them to acquire

    Perhaps Nokia just started using Mark Monitor and transferred it to their whois? Maybe, but here’s the strange part: the nameservers for just changed to parking company SmartName. And it’s now a parked page.

    I’ve never heard of a domain investor using Mark Monitor to acquire a domain. But why would it suddenly be parked? I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

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