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  • GoDaddy Replaces .Com with .Co, Now Default Choice

    1. BY - Nov 13, 2010
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    A big lift for .co this weekend as world’s largest registrar promotes .co to top of search box.

    [Update: .com is now back as the default option. This was a test by GoDaddy.]

    You might be in for a bit of a surprise if you visit GoDaddy today. This is what the search box looks like:

    That’s right. The default search option is now .co at GoDaddy.

    This is a huge win for .co since GoDaddy registers about half of all new domain names registered. It seems like a smart move for GoDaddy. Most domains people search for are taken in .com. So GoDaddy users are more likely to see their domain as “available”, not to mention .co domains cost about three times as much as .com domains to register.

    I have no idea how long this change will last. Yet this isn’t the only good news for .co this weekend., which recently featured in a TV commercial, is getting ready to rebrand its international sites to

  • While I am not a fan of .CO for English domains and still view Spanish .CO as a CCTLD, it will be interesting to see how the public accepts this marketing tactic. Godaddy spends a lot on marketing so it will be interesting. Remember, the country of Colombia has no “U” in it. Columbia is a city in South Carolina.

  • I think godaddy realized that 99 out of searches ended up in Already Taken!
    So the next most closest is the .co and still plenty of names available.

    BTW, Some comments above say only US people are register .co. Thats not true. Many people here in south asia also intrested in the extension. but what prevent them from registering a .com is it’s price.

  • @kandy: “Many people here in south asia also intrested in the extension. but what prevent them from registering a .com is it’s price.”

    Did you mean to type “registering a .co” but accidentally put an ‘m’ at the end?

  • Wow. I can’t believe all the comments on this article.

    1. The change won’t last at GoDaddy. Looks like a cheap bait and switch ploy. People will complain and/or traffic will drop or be redirected. You can try and force .co on the average man on the street/lead a horse to water but you can’t make him buy a .co/drink :-)

    2. Seems like people are realizing the hype of .co and this is probably the last spike in “value” of .co.

    Good luck with your SPECULATIVE investments in .co.

  • I hate to ruin the parade of the .co fans and be the Devil’s advocate but GoDaddy doing this with .co is unlike when they did it with other extensions. The similarity between .com and .co makes is easy to take advantage of the non-educated domain registrant and this decision WILL in fact produce resentment against GoDaddy for those that thought they were registering the industry standard (.com)
    Is a risky move on GoDaddy’s part, but if they run with it I would put it down to some board decision to burn trust in exchange for short term gains. GoDaddy is getting to big for its own good if it thinks it can burn trust and not be left scared.

  • This wont last long. They are going to get some strong customer backlash when people think they registered a .com and actually got a .co.

    Not the domainer types but the joe 6-pack types which I think make up most of their business.

  • @ Rob Sequin

    What makes you think that .co is speculative? This is a company run by people trying to gain a market share. If the company works smart (which .co has) it will be successful (already happening). It’s a company, nothing more, nothing less. This is an investment in a business structure and the people who run it. That’s all.

    I have .coms but never have been a squatter. I feel bad for those who missed out on selling their squatted .coms for a reasonable price but rather didn’t get a sale at all because of exorbitant prices. Defy the laws of supply and demand, and that’s what happens.

    All this fawning over .com has made me hungry…

  • @Em: Why would you feel sorry for squatters? They’re breaking the law.

    Normal domain investors like yourself who deal in non-infringing domains will be just fine. Especially as the scarcity of .com continually increases, supply and demand will force the prices even higher.

  • @SL

    IMO, I don’t think scarcity is the issue. With domains, we’re not talking about physical things like antiques. .co or .net will resolve just as well as .com. .com is essentially a “name” or “brand” nothing more, nothing less, and names can be changed because they are abstract. With a lot of different TLDs coming out, and given how abstract naming really is, I certainly don’t see .com increasing in price over the next 5 years. From a practical perspective, with work I can make any extension successful (see

    And the problem with the supply and demand is that the public demands .com, but the owners really can’t supply because the price is out of reach. So the small and medium sized business owners must find an alternative.

    Sorry bout the way I used the “squatter” word. I was talking about people who own excellent .coms, have priced them sky-high, and the domain just sits there on a parking page.

  • I currently own 7 .co domain names. I still consider this an experiment rather than an investment.

  • a lot of idiots on this board.

    Do you really think most people are that stupid?

    You, yes, you, the one reading this message is probably dumber than the one registering a .CO on godaddy.

    .COM is finished, ka-pish. .COM search is meaningless if all the good names are taken. When the search is meaningless, godaddy is doing the most smart thing which is to release the next best extension the .CO

    .CO is simply the new king

  • @Robert Peterson
    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but calling other domainers schmucks and idiots is simply unprofessional and way out of line. We are an industry that is trying to be taken seriously and, while I commend you for not hiding behind an alias, these blogs should never deteriorate to the level of a schoolyard fight.

  • It encourages me that there is such a large group of outspoken naysayers. This leaves more possibilities for me and others to register and profit from .co domains.

  • @Robert: Then why is still available for hand reg?

    Be patient though. It will only take another two weeks of allowance so you can afford the $29.99 reg fee.

  • Must be us no americans .. but i still see .com and second .co.

    When i fill in a domain name i get .info recommended as second and .co as third.

    Just a FYI

  • If someone creates a new TLD called .corn (c o r n), with the right font, it would be perfect for another “experiment” like this. :)

  • people .com is GREAT less face however you all holding on to it like your first dollar bill need to WAKE up quickly before .co PASSES you by as well as many other extensions! just because one car porsche is AWESOME like .com doesn’t mean there can’t be many other GREAT cars/domains like BENTLEY or .co! You heard it first hear AGAIn i have told ya!!!

  • Any chance that Colombia could take back .co domains or put restrictions on their usage? Over time, I think that .com will lose it’s hold and all tlds will be treated more equally.

  • Hey Robert Peterson aka Robert Cline,

    Tell me, why do you insist on spamming blogs with your .Co promotions? Why not just develop your domains

  • Looks like Rob Sequin was spot on.

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