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    1. BY - Oct 27, 2010
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    Blog chronicles engineering challenges of large online networks.

    What’s it like building technology for a business that sees over 300 million unique visitors each month? A new blog will help shed some light.’s engineering team has just started a new blog called Regularly Expressed.

    In one of the first blog posts, Director of Technology and Program Management for Monetization Terrence Lui discusses the traffic the company deals with:

    “… manages one of the biggest networks on the internet. In any given month, sees over 300 million unique users. It processes in excess of 2.5 billion events. It has over 10 million domains under management. And because it is a global company,’s network is operational 24/7/365. These are big numbers. Because of this, we have had to develop innovative solutions to reach this scale.”

    The goal of the blog is to reach out to customers and other companies facing similar data challenges to those of

    If the company has built customized systems for handling lots of data, it should consider commercializing them by licensing the technology to ISVs. There’s money to be made.

  • Landon White says:

    October 27, 2010 at 5:36 pm

    Hilarious, now wants to put the alleged corruption scandal behind them now that there court case
    has been settled, and work on damage
    control by becoming an Internet …
    (hot topic this week)

    That is if they could control (monopolize) the blog/forum online format then they will continue with the same ole “AUCTION HUSTLE BUSINESS MODEL” by quashing trends and directions that are not good for there greedy take all bottom line.

    They do have a blog now that is considered
    a somewhat of a leader, but us insiders do
    know there are corporate stooges within the posting ranks with there secret agenda..

    WE, so called domainer insiders know in our hearts that Andrews site (here) within is the only one 100% earnestly trustworthy
    without corruption and topic prejudice.

  • that comment made absolutely no sense. you are also a horrid speller.

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