Del Monte Scores with

Produce company promotes on bananas.

Fruits.comThis past weekend I was at the grocery store and found myself taken aback while picking up some bananas: staring at me was a little fruit sticker with an advertisement for

“Buy a bunch, lose a bunch –” read the sticker, with a graphic of a scale.

It turns out is owned by product company Del Monte. On the site you’ll find fruit recipes, a link to Del Monte’s iPhone app, and more reasons you should stock up on fruit. The company has operated the site for years, but this is the first I’ve heard of it. is a great use of a generic domain name. Would be better? Perhaps, but that’s owned by another multinational company: apparel giant Fruit of the Loom.


  1. DR.DOMAIN says

    Yeah-but I can’t see Fruit Of The Loom getting as much mileage out FRUIT.COM…as they would out of UNDERWEAR.COM.Might as well start a bidding war amongst the agribusiness folk.Coupla’ five million for it would cover jet fleet fuel for a year or two.

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