MLB Has Another Chance to Get is up for sale at a reasonable price.

Yesterday Major League Baseball passed on buying, one of seven team names it does not own the domain for , at the DOMAINfest auction. But next week it’s getting another chance at, which is up for auction at GreatDomains with a reserve price of $100,000-$250,000.

The owner of the domain name had previously offered to sell it to an unidentified agent working for MLB for $300,000. The league balked and filed a UDRP against the owner, but MLB lost.

Filing a UDRP after failing to buy a domain creates a lot of bad will that could be carried over into a negotiation. But the domain is now in a live auction, which means no negotiating will be required. Given the price range, I wouldn’t be surprised to see MLB pick up the domain.


  1. Steven says

    I’d bet MLB doesn’t even know these auctions are taking place, so it’s no surprise didn’t sell and won’t either. Until the domain industry and auction sites find a better way to market to and reach end users, these names will never get the attention or prices they deserve. Too bad, really!

  2. Steven says

    Not too strong at all, Andrew. I appreciate your insight, as always.

    Maybe I have it wrong. Perhaps the real uphill battle, then, isn’t about promotion but rather the industry doing a better job at selling end users such as MLB on the true value of owning these domains, which most would agree far exceeds current asking prices.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. says

    It still floors the degree of ignorance that speaks for much of corporate America. It is failing Marketing 101 to not realize that for MLB to acquire or for under seven figures is a steal. Further proof that we are still living in the Stone Age of the Internet revolution.

  4. domain guy says

    no andrew you didn’t come on have a good track record.this is why there is room for domian neogiators in the market.
    educating buyers to purchase a selected domain see didn’t
    sell to fruit of the loom or hanes.

  5. Tommy says

    John Fisher, who owns a majority of the A’s, is one of baseball’s eight billionaire owners, according to Forbes.

    Who here is a billionaire? :-)

  6. Tommy says

    Not directed at anyone! When you focus on domain names everyday, as I do, sometimes you begin to think that only great generic names will resolve to a host.

    Maybe all these great generic names that are NOT being purchased by the super companies / wealthy are a little over-hyped.

    Honestly they probably sell $100,000-$250,000 worth of hot dogs per game.

  7. says


    to us, it seems like a no-brainer purchase.

    However, no one here is a billionaire, like you said — so maybe we don’t know as much about business as we all like to think we do :)

    I agree with you 100% on that!


  8. Einstein says

    “Maybe all these great generic names that are NOT being purchased by the super companies / wealthy are a little over-hyped.”

    Yeah. Your team is named “Angels,” your payroll is $100+ million each year but to secure your for eternity for $250K is too much. Especially when it’s a generic term. What planet you writing from 😉 ?

    Just ask the players to chip in a few dollars and buy it. If I owned it, I would wait a few years and sell it for $1 million. Meanwhile write a few pages about angels (messengers of God) to avoid non-use issues.

  9. DR.DOMAIN says

    Artie should be able to write that check without even blinking.That being said-figure dumping Brandon Wood…& Juan Rivera would free up some money.

  10. says

    i think it would be wasted on them

    i would live to see this purchased and developed by a startup focussing on startups and getting them finance from ‘angels’,
    angel investors

    one stop place to pitch ideas and get funding

  11. says

    Great domain that would be ideal for the Angels MLB Franchise but that would also be great for a variety of other things as well such as Guardian Angles, Spirituality, Angel Investors, Angle theme gifts or as a brand for a great number of other things!

    I also find it very surprising how some Huge Corporations still don’t realize the potential of a generic domain name for their brand, type-in traffic and customer trust… especially if it is directly related to their brand!

  12. says

    To this day many big corporations don’t get it and by the time new gtld’s come rolling out, it will be too late as dot com prices will have soared even higher. However I have to give kudos to those companies that know what a good generic is worth.

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