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  • Jeff Kupietzky’s 5 Myths of the Domain Name Industry

    1. BY - Aug 18, 2010
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    3. 8 Comments CEO dispels five myths in the domain name industry.

    Today at DOMAINfest in New York, CEO Jeff Kupietzky tried to dispel 5 myths about the domain name industry.

    1. The PPC Market is Dead now has 1 million domain names.
    -28% rise in visitors year-to-date on their portfolio
    -15% increase in revenue per click

    Kupietzky says the market is “maturing”, but not dead.

    Opportunty: Buy traffic names and lower prices, partner with those investing in development and alternative monetization.

    2. Mainstreet has Come and Gone

    -CNBC dedicated 5 minutes to airtime in middle of day to an interview with Kupietzky about domains. “It’s really the beginning of mainstreet paying attention”.

    -Major media organizations will have live television feed at auction this afternoon.

    Opportunity: bring more information about our sales to the public. Bring more transparency on price and data to encourage more buyers.

    3. There’s a trade-off between content and monetization

    -Thinking is if I add content (develop my domains) I give up on my PPC revenue

    -Example is, which owns

    -Barrier to get good content has decreased substantially. Examples include AOL, Associated Content, DemandMedia, Epik progressing from one word category-killer .com domains, now moving to profitably developing domains with three words in other TLDs.

    Opportunity: Invest in build-outs that provide value to end users and advertisers.

    4. Mobile apps will kill domains space

    People forget there are two main purposes of domain name: address locator, but also a brand. More focus on brand than address locator. Brand value is very important. Need to find a way to leverage the trend of move to apps. has one million registered users. just launched a mobile application for

    Opportunity: Look for category-defining brands, invest in new medium

    5. There are no good domains left

    There are plenty of domains available in secondary market (aftermarket). Example, which was bought for $450,000. Owning the brand name, which will be a hub for online and offline gaming, this domain was a bargain.

    Still lots of domains being bought on one platform and then flipped for a lot more within a year.

    Opportunity: Buy more, co-develop, partnerships for acquisition and development.

  • #5 is very timely for me and I hope to be addressing this issue at SXSW 2011 in March. I submitted a proposal entitled “All The Good Domains Are Taken, Now What?” where I plan to explore options, including approaching domain holders to buy in the aftermarket.

  • A very insighful piece. Right on, I might add particularly about the three word domain names.

    What many domainers tend to forget is, whether two or three words name, if it’s a product or service that people are looking for or searching for, they will find you. There are many three word names that generate more searches than their two word, and in some cases, one word counterparts. It’s all about targeting. Develop them and you will have a goldmine.



  • Excellent points!

    You have to innovate ideas and monetization strategies non-stop in today’s competitive enviroment.

  • #4 could not be more true.

  • @Kellie, thats outstanding. good luck w/ your proposal!

  • Re: How are you able to move to brand when you can’t use a trademark. Just like in App’s it will hit computers too.

  • great post
    proves again why this is the number 1 domain news site imho

  • Myth #6: Parking companies are still a good investment. (NOT:)

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