Moniker Sells For $1.265 Million

Ahead of Wednesday’s auction, Moniker brokers blockbuster domain name sale.

Moniker has sold and four other related domains prior to Wednesday’s auction for $1.265 million. The domains include,,, and

The buyer is Costumes Galore Inc., which is apparently making a push into the t-shirt business.

Separately, I’m aware of another Moniker sale for $736,000, but the domain name will not be disclosed.

This is certainly a good start ahead of Moniker’s main auction tomorrow. The auction includes a number of six and seven figure domain names. The sale of just a couple of these big ones can make the auction a success.


  1. says


    Great job Moniker.

    This was a money making site/business — from what brokers told me.

    I expect the buyer will receive a decent ROI, in addition to owning instant market share with these top domains.

    Congrats to all :)


  2. nr says

    your headline says and then in the article it mentions the 5 domains sold and none of them are

  3. says

    Nice work. I wonder if they’d be interested in these three t-shirt names in my portfolio:,,,

  4. Viper says


    None of those domains you’ve listed for sale are worth more than the reg fee. I’d let them expire unless you’re planning on developing them yourself. Good luck.

  5. says

    It was a good sale, but in this space, I’m not sure the domain name alone is going to be enough to do it.

    The company that owned the domain name actually ran a whole physical business selling t-shirts (pre printed and custom printed). The previous owners “got it” and bought the domains in the aftermarket and worked hard to promote the business using the domains and it still didn’t work out.

    They are great domains to be sure, but domains aren’t everything :)

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