Domain Investor Picks Up Domain Name for $81,000 auction a big success.

I just finished watching a live simulcast party at TRAFFIC Vancouver of the domain name auction. It ended at $81,000, and from the video it appears that the winning bidder was domain name investor Lonnie Borck.

Bidding had already reached around $39,000 by the time the simulcast started, and quickly took from from there. My initial prediction of the final auction price was $50,000, but that was before a couple things occurred:

1. .Co Internet marketed the heck out of the auction.

2. I heard that 70-100 people had registered to bid. Each person had to fill out an application and make a $1,000 deposit.

I then cheated and thought the domain might hit six figures.

I suspect that a lot of bidders were priced out of the auction quickly. The auction was extended by ten minutes from the end of each bid, which made for somewhat of an anti-climatic finish, but it was still exciting.

I have video of the simulcast event in Vancouver that I’m currently uploading. Check back to this post to see it later.


  1. says

    It’s a nice one letter domain, but I am a bit surprised at the price. It probably has no natural traffic, so what is the appeal for this name? If Twitter uses as a url shortener, the awareness could help Or, if was ever bought and used by a big company, would get typo traffic. I have a hard time seeing the buy as an investment, but I could see a large company buying it for a brand or environmental site. This is big question mark domain like the sale was, only time will tell if it’s a good buy or not.

  2. says

    If this is true that the domain name was sold for $81,000, for a non-established cctld .co, we have a sucker on our hands. Someone is selling, an extension that has been around for many years, and the asking price is $1300 and it will never sell for that. I am sure the buyer is not using his own money to buy this worthless domain name.

  3. Kev says

    dumb investment, if it was or I could understand but

    .co can be used for Colorado by the way like

  4. observer says

    It appears that the e.CO buyer, Lonnie Borck of B-52 Media, backed out of the $81,000 e.CO purchase.

    The whois still shows COinternet and it is my understanding that COinternet is now asking Sedo to auction it.

    Am I mistaken?

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