DOMAINfest Europe to Mix Business and Fun

DOMAINfest sets preliminary agenda for Prague show and opens registration.

DOMAINfest has opened registration for its European show taking place Wednesday and Thursday, October 6 and 7, 2010, at the Hotel InterContinental in Prague, Czech Republic. The agenda looks very different from most of the company’s previous events, as the second day is dedicated to fun networking and social events.

Wednesday will include a number of session geared to the European audience including European ccTLD and IDN Opportunities and European Legal Issues Impacting Domain Investors. On Thursday there will be several social activities to choose from:

Thursday morning –
Guided Walking Tour and River
Spy Game
Grand Prix Go Kart Racing
Bobsled Racing
AK47 and M16 Shooting Contest

Thursday afternoon –
Prague Castle and Church Walking Tour
Grand Prix Go Kart
Pub Hunt Contest
AK47 and M16 Shooting Contest
Skoda Road Ralley

Early bird registration is $395 through July 1.


  1. sat. coffee break says

    Out of all of the items listed on the agenda, an assult weapon shooting match does not interest me to fly 1/2 around the world.

    I already own those toys and can shoot them on my farm. :)

  2. says

    lol not all of us are farmers and living stateside. Sure all homes have a gun or 10 (or toys as you call them) over there so you’re prob used to them. Ive never held a gun in my life!

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