ICANN Board Approves Delegation of Four IDN ccTLDs

Four IDN ccTLDs delegated, simultaneous delegation requests from China and Taiwan proceed.

The ICANN Board of Directors approved the delegation of four internationalized domain name country code domains on Thursday.

The four approved ccTLDs are for Russia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Egypt.

Russia will get .рф (xn--p1ai) (“R.F.”), delegated to Coordination Center for TLD RU. Saudi Arabia is getting السعودية (xn--mgberp4a5d4ar) (“Al-Saudia”), to be managed by Communications and Information Technology Commission. U.A.E. will get امارات (xn--mgbaam7a8h) (“Emarat”), delegated to Telecommunications Regulatory Authority. Finally, Egypt picks up مصر (xn--wgbh1c ) (“Misr”), delegated to National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority.

Separately, the ICANN Board approved two simultaneous delegation requests to proceed to the String Delegation step of the fast track process. China requested simultaneous delegation of simplified and traditional renderings .中国 (xn--fiqs8S) and .中國 (xn--fiqz9S); Taiwan requested 台灣 (xn--kpry57d) and .台湾 (xn--kprw13d).

In another country code top level domain decision, ICANN’s board approved a redelegation request from United Republic of Tanzania for the traditional .TZ country code domain name to Tanzania Network Information Centre Limited.


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