Cardinals Best Off-Season Pick Up Was Domain Name

Checking in on MLB domain names.

Major League Baseball is back, and that means I’m spending lots of time getting the latest scores and highlights online. While watching the Cardinals play on TV, I noticed they made a nice off-season pick up that I wasn’t aware of:

Previously, you had to type in to get to the team’s web site. But in October last year Major League Baseball acquired the domain name. So I’ll save myself a few keystrokes.

That got me curious about other teams and if they own their “names”. With many teams named after generic things like birds and fish, getting these domains isn’t easy. Just ask the Angels. Nevertheless, MLB has managed to get most of its team names:

As for the domains it does not yet own, some will be more challenging that others: – owned by NFL football team – owned by Ray’s restaurant in Seattle. (Been there, loved the view.) – owned by Future Media Architects, which never sells domain names – as mentioned earlier, lost UDRP case against owner – UPDATE now owned by MLB – information about Rocky Mountains – UPDATE now owned by MLB – owned by California company. So many uses, it could be expensive – login page for Selliquest – UPDATE now owned by MLB

Of these domains, it would seem that might be the most obtainable. would take a hefty check to convince Ray’s to change its domain. can be bought, albeit for a much higher price than before the UDRP was filed. But there are really only two domains I’d rule out: and

It’s worth noting that all of the domains forward to a subdomain on So the league is truly using the domains just for their direct navigation and ease-of-recall.


  1. says

    As a huge Cardinals fan, I’m ashamed to say I didn’t realize they picked that up in the offseason.

    After signing Matt Holliday for so much money, I can’t believe they could afford it :)

  2. says

    There were talks of a Pujols / Ryan Howard trade (since the Cards might not be able to afford Pujols.)

    They BETTER sign him.

    The Cards keep saying they are a small market, but the games are absolutely packed every night.

    Should be interesting to see what they do to keep him.

    PS: Since you’re addicted to scores… needs some love :)

  3. DR.DOMAIN says

    The Rays still count paperclips.Crawford,Pena
    and Upton are as good as gone…no matter what happens this year.The owner of that one should probably just find…like a sunscreen company.That or a sun glass company.

  4. DR.DOMAIN says


    The Birds are hoping that “The Machine” registered that hometown discount that Mauer gave the Twins-somewhere in his hard drive.They could make him a 5%er.First ever owner/player.;-)

  5. says


    I sure like Joe Mauer… he seems like a great guy.

    Hopefully Albert will give STL some slack :)

    “I’ne not a machine… I’ne just Albert” :)

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