Go Daddy CEO Bob Parsons Buys Cher’s House

Bob Parsons buys house at auction for $8.72 million.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Go Daddy founder and CEO Bob Parsons just bought a house in Hawaii owned by singer Cher. The house went up for auction, and Parsons was the winning bidder at $8.72 million.

The house description isn’t bad, if I do say so myself:

The Hawaiian property, at the Four Seasons’ Hualalai resort, includes a main house flanked by four one-bedroom bungalows. Singer-actress Cher bought the 0.76-acre property in December 2004 for $2.9 million and last year began building the house but never lived in it.

You can see pictures of the house here (go to slides 10 and 11).

The only problem I see with the house is that you can’t bike from Arizona to Hawaii. But I’m sure Parsons can buy another motorcycle to keep in Hawaii.

Hey Bob, if you ever need a house sitter, just give me a ring.


  1. Go for it says

    That is not expensive for Hawaii.

    Hopefully, he won’t have any water damage today. I hope not.

    He probably paid for it out of petty cash.

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