How Long Until China Confiscates Google.Cn Domain Name?

The domain name is in jeopardy.

If there’s one lesson learned about country code domain names, it’s that you have little protection as a domain registrant. With Google announcing that it will stop censoring its search results, it is basically asking for the Chinese government to shut it down.

China can take a number of measures to block access to Google in China. One of the simplest steps is to just confiscate the domain name.

Will it happen? How long will it be until China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) makes this move? Answer the poll below.

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  1. marko says

    the .cn will be removed vv fast
    china has se baidu which tows the line .
    china does what it wants because it can

  2. Ms Domainer says


    I’m still scratching my head at all the major domainers jumping on the ccTLD bandwagon and how everyone else, like lemmings, are following them.

    I’ll never invest heavily in ccTLDs because they can change their TOS on a dime, and then you, as domain owner, are SOL.

    No, thank you, for good or ill, I’ll follow my own path.

    Don’t worry about Google; it will find a way to insinuate itself in China, with or without, just like CNN (back in the late 80’s and early 90’s) found its way behind the iron curtain, which helped bring down communism in Eastern Europe. When those countries fell, they fell like dominoes.

    Remember: information is king, and oppressed people will always find a way to get it and transmit it, through illegal computers and secret servers or even old-fashioned word of mouth. China’s move is a sign of a desperate regime trying one last time to stifle dissent, but it will not succeed.

    The internet is here to stay, and there’s not a damn thing that China can do to stop it.

    When China falls (and it will–repressive governments almost always fail eventually), it will be big and catastrophic for the world economy.

    Just you wait.


  3. says

    So if a company would announce that they will pull out of the US, would you ask how long it would take till the .US will be confiscated ?

    It seems to me that you have no idea about how China really works, other tahn reported in the western media.

    • says

      @ DomainersChoice – no, I wouldn’t ask the question for several reasons:

      1. The U.S. federal government doesn’t block anti-democracy sites (as opposed to pro-democracy)
      2. .US didn’t recently threaten to take away individual owner’s .us domain, like what .cn is doing
      3. .US didn’t suddenly shut out foreign registrars from registering .us domains, ditto

  4. says

    I still find it amazing that Google agreed to censor its results in the first place. The company who’s motto is “don’t be evil” has turned out to be very evil indeed.

    I doubt they will ever regain the image they had before this fiasco.

    Also this sounds like a PR move. “We the great Google now want to show that we care about freedom and dissidents in China.”
    Sorry they are a day late and a dollar short.

    At least we know the super left wing liberals Page and Brin will never run for public office. They could never live down the decision to censor their results. Wow was it a dumb move. It goes against everything they think they stand for.

  5. says

    The .US is already restrict, non US entities cannot register .US domains.

    Legacy domains are not effect, till now. Also according to the CNNIC regulations individuals were actual never really allowed to register, it just wasn’t enforced.

    The US government didn’t size domains ? Where have you been last year ?

    US government arrested CEO of online casino operator (UK listed company) up on arrival in the USA.

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