Files Slew of Domain Disputes files four domain disputes.

Ancestry.comIn its SEC filing to go public, warned that it may have difficulty protecting its brand in domain names.

The company just took its first step to protecting its name by filing four separate arbitration requests for domain names with World Intellectual Property Organization. It seems that the company filed four “low hanging fruit” cases to establish a precedent.

The no-brainer is, which you have to wonder why the company waited to go after until it filed to go public. It is also seeking to get,,,, and

Although fighting for typos of its domain names probably won’t be difficult, its bigger challenge will be securing the domain name ‘ancestry.tld’ in country code domains and new top level domain names, should it choose to do so. The company identified country code domain names as a major challenge in its SEC filing.


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    I think as long as stuff like isn’t showing ppc ads they should be alright (depending on panelist). In real life there are tons of companies that simply append a letter or number to the end of a generic term then trade under that name. Even PPC should be fine, but sketcher in UDRP

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    The way I see it, is the only domain they truly have a claim on since it’s a clear typo of their domain name (including tld), not because it’s a typo of the word ancestry.

    They have no legitimate claim on the others unless they are using it in an infringing manner. & go to the same page which is basically a mini-site whose results simply show adsense with the top advertiser being you know who. is a parked page which top advertiser is again,

    The others aren’t resolving so what exactly is the claim there?

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