Go Straight to Google for SEO Truths

Matt Cutt’s video series is worth watching.

There are a lot of half truths in the search engine optimization industry. So it’s refreshing to get an inside take from Google’s traveling search guru, Matt Cutts. I recommend watching his video series on YouTube.

As you know, I don’t usually recommend watching videos. But Cutts “cuts” to the chase (sorry, couldn’t help myself), answering the question in the first 30 seconds of each clip and then explaining his answers. Here are some of the questions Cutts answers in his videos:

-Should I use hyphens or underscores as separators in URLs? (A: Hyphens)

-How much does a domain’s age affect its ranking (A: Nothing really now, but this might matter in the future. Google filed a patent on this, but as of February this year it hadn’t implemented it.)

-Is redirecting a large number of domains suspicious? (A: Not necessarily. Google redirects a bunch of typos.)

-Does the position of keywords in the URL affect ranking? (A: Barely)

-Why does Google index blogs faster than other sites? (A: It may index them faster, but it may be just the blog index.)


  1. says

    Every now and then he will “reveal” something really interesting, but most of the stuff he talks about is common knowledge.

    Anyways, don’t read in too much about what others tell you… Even if it is the porn cookie guy.

    Gotta test it on your own. It either works or it doesn’t. Trial and error.

    Don’t have to be a genius to get SEO down to a few easy processes. Reverse engineering :)

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