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  • $3M Sale Gives Domain Name Industry a Boost

    1. BY - Jun 03, 2009
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    3. 16 Comments sells for $3M. Here’s what it means.

    It’s official, according to seller Rick Schwartz: has sold to G&J Holdings for $3 million (and may include some royalties). But I’m not going to write about how great Rick is; I’ll leave that to other people (and Schwartz does such a good job of it himself). Instead, I’m going to make a few observations:

    1. I like the online candy sales business, and this is of course the perfect domain name for it. This really came down to a make vs. buy decision for the buyers. They could spend $3 million on branding or buy this domain name. Was it a smart move? Only time will tell. But I sure like the ring of calling up a potential business partner and saying “This is Joe with”. Instant credibility.

    2. The candy market is huge. Every time I write about a domain dispute involving a candy company I get lots of visitors from various industry publications. I spotted a good domain — — during the last Moniker auction and picked it up.

    3. Like before it, this sale will get lots of press and help the domain name aftermarket.

    4. Get ready for even more people posting on domain name forums that they have available for sale, and that surely it’s worth 1/1,000 of what sold for.

  • For a company that plans to be in the candy business on a long term basis, I believe this was a smart investment. It is the ultimate online brand and destination for that industry. The tangible industry & marketing cachet the name provides is something that most of us can only speculate on.

    Putting the name to good use should yield rewards like,, etc.

  • Nice payday at last with some 50x++ ROI

    Sahar helped Rick acquire the domain for a little over $100,000 back in the day’

    Congrats to everybody involved that made the deal happen!



  • Congrats to Rick… In all honesty I Rick was crazy to pay 100k for that name… Oh well. show’s you how much I know…

  • I am looking to possibly selling my domain name – tortillas are a $6 billion a year industry in the US alone and are popular and gaining more popularity around the world.

  • It all depends on the management team.
    It could go 2 ways. One will end up in a bankruptcy like or a great success like

    So it depends.
    Having the best domain in the world does not guarantee success.
    I wish the new owners, best of luck.

  • I’ve always wanted to send someone tortillas by mail as a gift. :) Just kidding Roberto.

    Truthfully, and I bet Rick knows this, probably would have sold for $10 million if he had held onto it for another 10 years, but the human lifespan is only so long….so he was smart to sell.

  • Wow, finally a great domain sale. But only time will tell how will do.

  • $3M Sale Gives Domain Name Industry a Boost

  • A domain name [] has sold to G&J Holdings for $3 million

  • As a wannabee domainer hoping to be the rick schwartz of tomorrow, I will immediatly start to buy tons of and 3 keywords domains with 0 revenue and additional expenses of minisites to flip like a crazy with in a few years!

    More seriously, it will be interesting to see what will be the market share of in a few years.

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