Purchase was No-Brainer for Headhunter

Recruiter Harry Joiner just bought Here’s why.

Recruiter Harry Joiner

E-commerce headhunter Harry Joiner just bought the domain name for five figures from Jason Davis, a former recruiter who holds one of the world’s best portfolios of jobs related domain names.

Why did Joiner plunk down five figures for the domain?

“The driver behind the purchase can be summed up in one word: relevance,” said Joiner.

In a rapidly changing industry, Joiner knows that some things won’t change. won’t become irrelevant. “In ten years we’ll have CEOs and we’ll have jobs,” he said. “I bought an opportunity more than a domain name.”

Joiner knows the value of good domain names. A few years ago he bought the domain name and has seen the benefits of a good domain first-hand.

“People call me ‘the marketing headhunter’ because I bought the domain name,” said Joiner. “If you go to, under my picture you’ll see ‘click here to download my vcard’. My vcard has been downloaded nearly 19,000 times since 2005.”

A good domain brings immediate credibility to Joiner.

“Recruiting is about two things: trust and credibility,” he said. “The right domain, in addition to being incredibly SEO friendly, can become a powerfully clutter-busting brand in and of itself. In my case, such a brand will help me attract higher quality, genuinely motivated candidates — and it will give me a powerful advantage with my clients in terms of my credibility.”

Joiner doesn’t yet know exactly how he will use He may create a job board or social network application. Either way, he’s sure he made the right move and paid a fair price.

“I couldn’t worry about whether I was overpaying for it,” said Joiner. “I had to concentrate on what the domain is worth to me. In the words of Warren Buffet, ‘price is what you pay and value is what you get. When it comes to acquisitions, it’s better to be vaguely right than precisely wrong’.”


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    Great wrap up from someone who gets it.

    I like his credibility comment.

    I sold a keyword keyword domain for mid four figure a few weeks back.

    Job domains are hot.

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    Harry does in fact “get it.”

    Once he puts into use, it’ll easily pay for itself in additional business in a year or less…and, what a superb asset for the future (i.e. now part of his retirement portfolio).

    For others who’d like to join Harry, Moniker’s got just a few other [generic category] in their silent auction, including my

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    Man, we domainers should form a public relations team for marketing when a sale like this goes down for an enduser. We should hit at least three top online NR wire companies and exploit the sht out of these types of purchases, to make sure as many companies as possible get “educated”.

    Why can’t we do this? Dang, I was friends with Rick S in 2006 and we talked about doing this, but then… well, you know the rest. But come on! Who will step up and do the END USER PROMOTIONAL CAMPAIGN for all us domainers to join?

    Purpose: Educate businesses worldwide on the value of prodservs domains.


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    You are 100% right here. Pumping these stories into the public’s ears is what we need to push domaining to the next level. Especially right now when the economy is in the tank regular stories like this may really intrigue people. Back in the day big domain sales hit the mass media and turned some heads. Lets do that again.

    I’m in (seriously I think that was profound), sign me up. Call me later when you want to move forward with this.

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    price is what you pay and value is what you get. When it comes to acquisitions, it’s better to be vaguely right than precisely wrong

    That oughta be a domainer quote. :)

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    I know, there should be a non-profit fund started with a trusted conservator, like Jothan Frakes, that constantly PROMOTES companies that buy domains as enduser generic prodservs.

    Tonight, on Celebrity Apprentice (where whiney Joan Rivers “beat” poker Champion Annie Duke – what a laugh) there was a national commercial for “UltimateBet.NET”.

    So companies ARE promoting their domains, even with non .coms. I find that incredibly optimistic for the domain industry.

    I might do a story on my blog about this, unless Dub-A beats me to it. I HATE HIM! Dang smart, on-top-of-it dude. Forcing me to come up big with my game.

    If I croak of a heart attack, all of youse will know who to point the finger at… I won’t mention any names, but his initials are “A A”

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