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  • Getting 1,800 Visits an Hour

    1. BY - Apr 17, 2009
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    Texas artist getting surprise attention thanks to singer by the same name.

    An artist in Kerrville, Texas is getting some unexpected attention thanks to her name: Susan Boyle.

    Susan K. Boyle, the artist, owns the web site, where she displays her paintings. Ever since Susan Boyle, the singer, became an international phenomenon, the hit counter on the artist’s web site has been spinning.

    (The singer doesn’t own any of the common U.K. domain names of her name.)

    A crude analysis by Domain Name Wire, covering 15 minutes between 2:45 and 3:00 CDT today, estimates that is getting 1,800 type-in web visitors per hour. Here are the hit counter graphics:



    The web site hasn’t been updated since 2007 and lists her as a resident of Sierra Vista, Airzona. I contacted an art gallery there and a representative said she had moved to Kerrville, Texas. A man who answered the phone at her Kerrville residence said she was unavailable. I’ll update the story if I hear back.

    In an email to Domain Name Wire, Susan K. Boyle wrote:

    I’ve had the website for about three years. The average annual hits for my website have been around 3,000. I haven’t really been checking the counter, but after I got your note I looked. It’s OVER 60,000, that’s about 51,000 more than I might have expected. Clearly, this IS the SusanBoyleTheSinger effect. I can only hope there are one or two art lovers/buyers among them.


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