Susan Boyle Didn’t Get Her Domain Names in Time

Singer didn’t register her name as domain names.

When you become an overnight sensation, registering domain names is probably not on the top of your mind. So I’ll forgive Britain’s Got Talent star Susan Boyle for not registering

But shouldn’t the show’s producers have been on top of it? I doubt it was on top of their mind given that they don’t even own (The producers do own the British version).

Whois records show that was registered April 10. It is now a hastily thrown together fan site for Boyle. and were registered April 14 in the name of Manchester University. The former resolves to a WordPress theme and the latter is a blank page that with the words “It works!”

Susan K. Boyle, an Arizona Texas artist, has probably seen a spike in web site traffic over the past few days. Undoubtedly a lot of Americans are trying to find out more about the “singing” Susan Boyle by typing in


  1. says

    An unemployed church worker who lives with her cat Pebbles is probably not thinking about domain names. However, with her new found fame and future cash, she can easily purchase a name.

  2. Ivan says

    The ugly side of success! Always the world encroaching on purity and simple truth with it’s greed and ugliness.
    Susan will, no doubt, have to live with the everpresent flood of leeches now that her natural talent is suddenly worth a lot of money.
    Something tells me this woman is so centered, this won’t contaminate her sweet, genuine self. Good on ye’, sweetheart.

  3. says

    I don’t believe this important right now. Why? Because we don’t need to go to SusanBoyle.whatever to find Susan Boyle right now. She could put up and we would still find it. This has risen bigger than a domain.

  4. says

    I have created a great website for Susan Boyle at I do my best to included all the latest news about her, I invite my visitors to vote on important issues such as “Do you approve of her latest makeover?” Sites such as mine increase Susan Boyle’s profile. Why would she object?

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