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  • Google Offers Domain Parking Direct to Publishers [UPDATED]

    1. BY - Dec 11, 2008
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    Google lets customers bypass DomainSponsor, Sedo, and other domain parking companies.

    [See update at bottom with latest information.] In a surprising move, Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) is now offering Adsense publishers the opportunity to park their domains directly with Google, rather than using a second-tier provider such as DomainSponsor or Sedo. Domain Name News caught on to this official Google post earlier today.

    I’m personally shocked at this move, given the retreat Google seems to have been making in the domain channel. Google previously only wanted to work with people generating over 750,000 visits a month, and then later shut down Adsense for Domains applications all together. For now, it seem that Google is not going to cut the long tail out of domain parking. It also isn’t distancing itself further from the industry. It is doing just the opposite.

    But before you get excited about going direct to Google, I suspect your earnings will go down by doing so. Domain parking aggregators such as DomainSponsor negotiate high revenue shares with Google, something you won’t be able to do. Additionally, templates are limited to Google’s standard Adsense for Domains landers, which probably won’t convert as well as advanced landers from traditional domain parking companies. Also, you can’t just change your nameservers or forward your domains; you must create an A record and CNAME for each domain.

    I suspect Google may be trying to put heat on parking companies by opening up its system to anyone with an Adsense account. At first this program will attract people who only have a handful of domains and can’t get accepted by most domain parking companies, but I’m sure Google will expand it from there.

    I logged into my account moments ago to see how it works. The screenshot below shows the option of Adsense for Domains on the Ad Setup tab:

    You submit your domains for consideration, and they are “pending” until Google approves them. I suspect it does a general scan for trademarks.

    You can edit the colors of your landing pages and suggest keywords that should be used to trigger ads. However, you can’t edit the layout, ad pictures, or customize text.

    UPDATED: I have set up my first domain on the service. It was painful setting it up because you have to set up A records and CNAME for each domain. Furthermore, it just uses Google’s simple one-click template. The front page ads are all from the content feed instead of the search feed. It appears that if you click on related links it still shows content ads. The only way it shows search ads is if you actually type in a search term. Let me know if you see otherwise. Also, I’ve heard that a beta tester used the system and received poor results. That doesn’t surprise me. But Google may have some tricks up its sleeves…it always does. Here’s what my landing page looks like:

  • @ Greg – I’ve read a lot of opinions about this on a lot of web sites, and I don’t think anyone is thinking that far in advance. On DNW, for example, I don’t have a single Google partner sponsor (except for Sedo, which mostly advertises its domain auctions). So I certainly hope you are aren’t insinuating anything.

  • I don’t think goog is so dumb that they don’t know what they are doing. If they can’t compete with parking companies, then domainers will move out of AFD and go back to aprking co’s. Do you really think google haven’t thought about that?

  • It’s a good feeling to have something else – potentially beneficial on the horizon….

    Thanks for the how-to link Rob…
    (for the A and CNAME set up)

    ~DomainBELL (Patricia)

  • The pages look pale. I wish google could improve their parking pages. Why can’t google have pages looking Like… when you click on “more sponsored links” at the bottom of the paid ads. For instances the link below is for “car loans”

  • I wonder if they will have an api so that us programmers can build our own backend tracking systems. Theoretically this type of thing could already be done with the regular adsense using a page like this This way you could also put other ads and content on the site. Its also extremely easy to set up. Visitors, clicks and CTR are equal or better than most parking companies I have tried.

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  • I just dumped most of my portfolio into this – mainly because I am curious: my revenue from & GoDaddy has been terrible. Nothing to lose, really. I suppose WhyPark has always been in the back of my mind, but I feel like this might be – possibly – as good?

    One question I have for the more advanced crowd: when changing the CNAME and A Record (as for me, I did it in bulk – with many names), do I have to do the SAME THING if or when I shift back to another parking company? Or is that simply a matter of correcting the DNS? ….thx

  • Here’s a simple guide I’ve done for my domains moving to Google.

    I just move 300+ domains and counting.

    Good luck to you.

  • WhyPark is a great idea, but my domains parked with them got deindexed and lost their pagerank.

    Google can’t be serious with these landing pages, they look awful. I would click the back button almost instantly.

  • Google is not stupid to not to know that your domain name is using whypark. It’s just a matter of time.

  • The rumor of domain “deindexing” by Google for domains parked at Whypark is erroneous. Google doesn’t deindex based on Whypark’s services. If you do something yourself that goes against Googles policies (which are not transparent and change on a whim, as we all know), you can find your site deindexed.

    Even if your site wasn’t at Whypark, and you custom built it yourself, you can find it deindexed no matter how hard you’ve built original content on your site. It happens to thousands of companies every day.

    Phase 2 at Whypark is promising even more original content and content/page customization to make the buildout of your domains very easy to do at affordable costs.

    Beyond that, your other alternatives are traditional PPC parking, which gives you NO indexing, or paying hundreds of dollars per domain to hope for indexing. Whypark gives you that advantage for a few dollars. If you have questions, just contact

    Andrew, sorry for the pitch. I owe you one.


  • hmm. so i have over 100 domains now with Google parking. so far, plenty of clicks but less money than my GoDaddy parking, which I know is supposed to be one of the worst.

    i’m still optimizing all of them (and of course, there is the very good chance that my names are not all that strong to begin with), but i am beginning to think more along the lines that WhyPark is really the way to go. My only hang-up is the price tag…

  • Hmmm…interesting comments thus far on this big unexpected Google move. I’m more in the camp with Rob Sequin and Stephen Douglas on where all this may be heading. Let me add my thoughts!

    What is Google? a search company? or an advertising media company, or both? I’d say they are both and a lot of other things thrown in. Now what are domains? I’d say domains are both search, advertising and whatever you develop on them. I’d be extremely surprised if google does not have a long term plan. I suggested right here some time ago, it was only a question of time before the likes of Google come in to take domains to where they really should go!

    If I were advising google, I’d suggest they collect all the metrics on every single domain, create better landing page solutions and then offer those keyword domains to all their Adwords clients as another and better option for TARGET ADVERTISING!! better still, I’d strongly suggest that google should show the theoretical and empirical value of every “keyword” domain on every search result, perhaps just right above the sponsor ads!! This way, companies, ad agencies and execs can pitch a buy out option of domains. This in my opinion will add many billions to Google’s balance sheet over time. But that is just the beginning!! Yahoo & MSN and even lots of other search companies should get in o the game …and that is why domains will ultimately have “REAL EMPIRICAL VALUE” just like real estate.

    As far as I’m concerned, we need the true innovation of Silicon Valley to bring the value of domains to potential business buyer’s and advertiser’s worldwide. If Google really gets this thing as I suppose they do over the near to long term, they will make it seamless to add all kinds of apps such as custom google search etc… My search queries using custom google search on is alarming!! and my google ppc has gone up tremendously by comparison to previous parking.

    Soon Google will make it so much easier to acquire aftermarket domains on a daily basis, as oppossed to waiting for the odd domain auction or sale by luck! Don’t forget, there are over 145 million domains registered and my estimates suggest only 30,000 thereabouts have been sold in the aftermarket to date. That’s peanuts and alot of luck to what should be really happening….I think they get it.

    Lets just say this is only the beginning and now domains can finally be taken seriously by the Corporate and SME industry at large!

  • *Kfink,

    You’re hesitant over the “price tag” at WhyPark on a $99 minimum account for 100 domains? Please contact us for budget solutions if you have these concerns. We work with all domainers, all sizes.

  • @ Stephen Douglas,

    Please send me a sample landing page for Technology, Media and Business.

    Thank you,

  • I must say i like the way whypark thinks, it should be more flexible and less obvious that it is a whypark site. But this will come in time.

  • ** (killer domain name!)

    A lot of people who haven’t yet opened up an account at don’t realize that they can customize ALL ASPECTS of their domain’s website at WhyPark. You can tweak your site in just a few minutes to look just the way you want it to. You can add your own adfeeds and CPA’s (Shopzilla, Amazon,, etc) and keep 100% of your profits.

    The powerful benefits of having your domains parked at is the “ease of use” in the customization and revenue implementation links, content and graphics.

    Don’t just think that the default page designs WhyPark provides is a one-shot deal. They can be easily customized without much effort.

  • *EM @ KING.NET*

    To answer your question about sample landing pages in your categories listed below:


    Business: or


    These are websites placed for domains with little or no further customization processing by WhyPark. Essentially, the above sites cost $.99. A customer can easily place rev sources from their own ad accounts and keep 100% of the revenue returned.

    These sites can also be customized at every level by the domain owner, or by WhyPark’s team. If you choose WhyPark to do the customization, you’ll be surprised at how inexpensive it is to build content and design to your domains.

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  • Just attests the old adage. It’s an ill wind that blows poor quality. – A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is just putting on its shoes. – Mark Twain 1835 – 1910

  • After parking some of my domains with Google they disappeared from Google cache as well as SE traffic. I can say it simply ruined my domains. I can recommend instead.

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