Tucows to Auction Expiring Domain Names at Afternic

Registrar opts for Afternic platform for expiring domain names.

When domain registrar Tucows (AMEX: TCX) recently announced they were shutting down their in-house expiring domain platform, there was speculation where they would send their domains. (Although Tucows had an auction platform, it also sold domain names through SnapNames).

We now know the answer: Tucows is sending expiring domains to Afternic. Afternic will add the domains to its auction system alongside Melbourne IT domains. Here’s the notice on Afternic’s web site:

Afternic Auctions has been selected by Tucows as the exclusive partner to auction the large daily inventory of Tucows expired domain names. Thousands of daily expired domains from Tucows are now available only on Afternic. Members can now take advantage of this huge stream of expired domain names flowing into Afternic and choose from an enhanced selection of auction names. Search Afternic Auctions Now

I knew there was news coming from Afternic this week, but wasn’t sure what it was. And I missed some good detective work by DotWeekly, which noticed some Tucows names showing up at Afternic earlier this week. Kudos to DotWeekly.

There’s less competition for expiring domains at Afternic than on platforms like SnapNames and Namejet, so it’s worth checking out. You need to have an Afternic membership; $1 for buyers and $19.95 for seller/buyer memberships.


  1. says

    Pat, pat on my back. lol

    I thought I was onto something yesterday and sure enough. Later in the day when the domains I had seen earlier in the morning were gone, I did second guess myself. Here they both read my blog and I just might of forced them to announce a bit earlier then they wanted.

    I am happy Tucows went with Afternic and another good thing, I have a “sheet load” of domains ready to bid on. :)

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