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  • University of Texas Goes After Domain Name

    1. BY - Apr 17, 2008
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    University files arbitration for

    The University of Texas System (my alma mater) has filed an arbitration under UDRP to obtain the domain name The arbitration was filed with National Arbitration Forum on April 11.

    The University of Texas has shown is savvy when it comes to domain names. The official domain name for the UT-Austin campus is, but The University also owns (which forwards to The University was also one of the first to embrace .mobi, launching

    According to statistics, the domain receives about 2,000 unique visitors per month, with a spike in late August/early September when new students arrive on campus:

    The domain’s Alexa rating is about seven million.

    The domain is owned by a company called Global Access based in Isle of Man. DomainTools reports that the company owns about 861 domain names. The domain is parked at HitFarm and includes advertising links to “University of Texas at Austin”, “Texas Longhorns”, and “Texas Colleges”.
    Above: parking page

  • This is a generic domain. University of Texas is like Hospital of New York.

    It is because of cases like this that generics are becoming worthless

  • I don’t think it is generic. It is trademarked by the board of regents of the university. Plus there are links to the school’s sports team.

  • I don’t think is generic. Wouldn’t touch it.

  • I agree with Jeff and David. If it were University IN Texas, it would be different.

  • agree….definitely not generic

  • DR. DOMAIN says:

    April 17, 2008 at 7:31 pm

    I’m IN DEEP with .MOBI.I’m happy to see somebody…ANYBODY using it.Gives me hope.

  • University of Texas is the sole property of Texas university as the name itself implies if the person who holds the domain at present has no actual university with the same name in his hold.Otherwise he has to start a virtual university with the name and start issuing certificates using the loopholes of laws at his country.

  • I have seen many public companies not end up with the domain they wanted because domain names seem to fall under a different catagory as far as trademark/copyright goes in the legal world. This may also include universities. Maybe since they were trying for “” instead of “.edu”. If that company had the “.edu” version they would probably have to give it up.

    Where is the Isle of Man.? If it is the one near the UK they probably registered over there (outside the US) to prevent or hinder legal battles.

  • Registering outside of the U.S. may save you from a cybersquatting lawsuit, but doesn’t let you out of UDRP.

    My guess is University of Texas wins this one.

  • what will happen if any body hold the domains like,

  • @LGodman – you’d lose depends on how it’s being used.

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