2008 Domain Name Wire Survey Now Open

Survey participants can win prizes, speak their minds.

The 3rd Annual Domain Name Wire Survey is now open for participation. This survey has been the voice of the domain community for several years, and this year’s survey lets domain industry participants give their opinion on:

-Which registrar is best?
-What’s most important when selecting a registrar?
-Which parking service is best?
-What’s the best place to buy and sell domains online?
-What will happen to the value of domains in 2008?
-Which domain forum is best?
-Is ICANN doing a good job?
-Where do you prefer to buy expired domains?
-What is the biggest threat facing the domain industry in 2008?

There are several new questions for 2008. Here are two that should be interesting:

Which domain industry conference is best?
Domain Roundtable
GEODomain Expo

Which person has the most influence on the domain industry?
Bob Parsons
Dan Warner
Frank Schilling
Jay Westerdal
Kevin Ham
Mike Zapolin
Monte Cahn
Rick Schwartz
Ron Jackson
Ron Sheridan
Sahar Sarid

Thanks to readers who suggested these people for this question.

Also this year, you can win up to $100 just for completing the survey:

Grand Prize: $100 credit at the domain registrar of your choice
First Prize: $50 credit at the domain registrar of your choice
Second Prize: $25 credit at the domain registrar of your choice

Click here to participate in the survey — it takes only 5 minutes.

Survey results will be published at the conclusion of the survey period.


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