Resource for Premium Domain Sales Values

Site lists top domain sales of all time.

Domain investors looking for a little inspiration should visit, a web site that lists the top domain name sales of all time by top level domain. The site is backed by Cybertonic, the same company behind

For each domain, lists its proprietary “premium score”, whether the domain is parked or contains a web site, the year sold, amount, and who currently owns the domain according to whois.

One thing the site lacks is information about domains purchased with equity. For example, is listed at a $7.5M sale price, although it really ended up being $2M. This type of information can be hard to come by.

There are other sites that aggregate sales information. and each do a good job of aggregating sales data from sources including DNJournal, Afternic, and Sedo, and presenting that information in an easy-to-search format. Despite information being accessible through and, I still think this is a valuable resource. There are a lot of blog posts about the “highest domain sales of all time”, but provides an updated resource that should be fairly accurate at any given time. I find the valuable names score to be an interesting indicator as well.


  1. says

    Wonder if SnapNames would go after SoldNames with a trademark infringement lawsuit like it did with SwapNames…because Snap, Swap and Sold are very alike… :)

  2. Leo says

    I don’t know how accurate this information is. I only know the history of one of these sites,, and I know that the “year” sold column is incorrect- it says 2000, but it should say 2004.

    What are the odds of that being the only mistake. Where are they getting this info?

  3. says

    Thanks for sharing the info on this interesting resource.

    I found that “”, sold to TMP (Monster) for a mere 800k$ was a major, major deal (for the buyer, of course) — that particular name is worth multiples more.

    The name “”, which was sold for only 450k$, also appears to be an amazing bargain.

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