GoDaddy Launches TDNAM .Mobi Site

Domain auction fans can access TDNAM and bid on domains from their mobile phones.

It’s only fitting that a domain registrar is making good use of the .mobi domain name. If registrars don’t use .mobi themselves, why should anyone else?

GoDaddy recently launched a mobile version of its popular The Domain Name Aftermarket service, a site that offers expired domains and third party domains for sale. The company describes

Manage your Domain Name Aftermarket account from anywhere with, our new Web site formatted specifically for your mobile device. At, you can use your Web-enabled mobile device to access your account and make counter offers on the domains you’re watching, monitor the bid activity on the domains you’re selling and more! Best of all, you can react instantly to SMS messages for Auction Bid expirations, Outbid Notifications and Auction Watching expirations, all from your mobile device. simply forwards to, which lets you register domains. It’s not a good advertisement for .mobi that the domain simply forwards to a .com. (As an aside, it might be worth registering your GoDaddy domains through instead of because you’ll deal with fewer upsells and ads — it’s a simple Google-like interface.)

Here’s a rundown of other domain name registrars and how they are using .mobi:

-Network Solutions – displays a simple information site with a sales phone number – they don’t own, mTLD (the .mobi registry) does. I suppose there are downsides to owning a generic domain for your company brand — its harder to get it in all extensions.
-Dotster – not in use
-Moniker – forwards to .com
-eNom – allows you to register domains

It makes sense for registrars to offer registration through .mobi. Most ideas for domain names come to me when I’m away from the computer. I write them down until I am able to logon. It would be great to register them immediately when I think of them.

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