GoDaddy releases traffic data

In a new twist to its expiring domain auctions, GoDaddy is starting to add traffic data to select domains.

GoDaddy’s TDNAM service is the exclusive source for expiring GoDaddy domains. Several months ago TDNAM listings started being separated for “High Value Domains”. These domains receive significant traffic and have higher starting bids than other expiring domains. GoDaddy didn’t provide specific stats for these domains, other than to say that buyers should be able to make their money back through PPC ads within 1 year.

Now TDNAM is flirting with providing traffic data for these “High Value” auctions. An auction for, ending on Saturday, has a green arrow icon next to it. If you click on the listing you will see the traffic data for the last 14 days and GoDaddy’s estimated traffic per month for the domain (this particular domain has no traffic).

This information will be helpful, but remember that all traffic is not created equal. Residual link traffic isn’t as good as type-in traffic and will deteriorate over time. Generally speaking, you should expect the traffic on these “High Value” domains to decrease over time. The only exception is if the domain topic gets hot or if it’s a generic domain.


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